South Carolina Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man Running Away From Him

Source: NewsOne Now Screeshots / NewsOne Now

We can’t stress enough the importance and game-changing nature of Feidin Santana’s decision to record the interaction between Officer Michael Slager and Walter Scott.

Had he simply witnessed the incident, his testimony would have been refuted, his character would have been called into question and a narrative that refuted his entirely would have been created.

There’s no doubt that his decision to record and release the video to the family, resulted in Slager not only being arrested, charged with murder and denied bond (by a judge that just so happened to be Black.) 

Santana decided to hold onto the video to see how the local police department was going to handle the situation. And once he saw that law enforcement officials were telling lies about what really happened that day, he decided to turn the video over to the family.

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