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Dear Tom,

My name is Sharon Anderson and I am a first sergeant  in the army, stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia.  I have proudly served for twenty-three-years and will continue until my retirement.  I am writing to you because I have a sister who is the single parent of a child with sickle cell disease and she could use your help.

My sister Tanya is my hero! Both of us were born with sick cell trait, but not the severe symptoms of sickle cell disease.  Sadly, my sister’s son, Brandon was born eleven years ago inheriting the two abnormal hemoglobin  genes that make up the blood disorder.   Since he was a baby, Tanya has had to rush him to the ER or sit by her son’s side while he was hospitalized because of a life-threatening acute sickle cell crisis.   We didn’t think he was going to make it one year while i was stationed in Korea.   He had two blood transfusions during that time.   He made it through, but he still has challenges dealing with the disease on a daily basis.

Tom, Tanya is trying to handle the stresses of being a single mother with a child with a severe medical condition, but i can hear it in her voice that she is emotionally and mentally drained.   She works only part-time and does not get paid if she is out due to Brandon’s health.   My Christmas wish is to ask for your help to ease for her is to be put in contact with an agency or someone who is knowledgeable about sickle cell disease, to assist her with c airing for Brandon. My second wish is to get her some assistance with bills, car note etc…Tanya is such a beautiful, smart and caring person. I love her so much and i could not think of a more deserving woman, who is struggling, that needs s break, more than her!

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