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We all know that Hollywood whitewashes everything, even things that it shouldn’t be whitewashing. Aside from the whitewashing, the endless complaints about inadequate representation of People Of Color seem to fall on deaf ears year after year. And some people will point and say, “But you have Denzel! But you have Lupita, etc.” The point is you know that these names are being used as exceptions to the rule. And that is part of the problem in a nutshell: You shouldn’t have to offer me exceptions to the rule when I’m making a general argument about a pattern.

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According to the Huffington Post, Zoe Kravitz auditioned for ‘The Dark Knight’ Rises a few years ago and was told that she was “too urban” for the role. Or rather the film was not going in an “urban” direction. If you’re like me, you probably paused for a moment and thought to yourself, “What does that even mean?” Honestly, that just makes me re-think how I feel about the Dark Knight Rises in genera,l which is a shame because I really like the movie. Kravitz was auditioning only for a small part in the role and it just doesn’t make sense because we’re quite sure she would have played the role according to the character needed. Isn’t that what every actor and actress does? Kravitz also talked about how she had to “un-brainwash” her mind because for a long time she struggled to identify with Black culture as a bi-racial Black woman. Isn’t that something?

But to whoever was in that room when Kravitz was auditioning, please explain what an “urban direction” for The Dark Knight Rises would have been? Don’t worry, we’ll wait.


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