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A University of Cincinnati police officer has been indicted on murder charges for fatally shooting of an unarmed black man during a traffic stop July 19th.

“It was so unnecessary for this to occur,” Joe Deters, the Hamilton County prosecutor, said at a news conference Wednesday

According to the Washington Post, “Sam Dubose, 43, was shot and killed during a July 19 traffic stop by Officer Ray Tensing. The officer initially said he was dragged by Dubose’s car, leading to the shooting. Deters said that Dubose “was subdued,” adding that Tensing had his license plate number.  While a university police report stated that Tensing said he had been dragged by the car before shooting, Deters said that the officer not dragged. Rather, Tensing fell backwards after shooting Dubose in the head, Deters said.”

Dubose was stopped on July 19th at approximately 6:30pm for not having a licence plate on the front of his vehicle.  Officer Tensing shot him in the head killing him instantly.  The entire incident was captured on video because officer Tensing was wearing a body cam.  Classes on University of Cincinnati campus have been closed.  It is being said that the video is apparently so bad, Cincinnati is preparing for riots.

The full body cam video is set to be released by the end of the week


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