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According to Fox 28, a Columbus State student is in the hospital after a brutal beating that left him near death during a robbery.

Shaun Kaltenbach doesn’t remember much about the attack Monday night. “I just remember the one blow and a big bright flash and and next thing I know I was in the hospital,” said Kaltenbach.

He says he was walking home from school on Spring Street when he noticed three guys ahead of him. Kaltenbach says he was catching up to them so he crossed the street and that’s when one followed and made small talk.

“I tried to run away, I told him I don’t have anything, I have 18 dollars he said he didn’t care,” said Kaltenbach.

The beating happened just after 9 P.M. that night at East Spring and Talmadge streets.

Kaltenbach says he blacked out and doesn’t recall walking to a house for help.

“He was like very out of it he was still able to speak but he knew he was hurt,” said Kati Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald called police for help and stayed with Kaltenbach until an ambulance arrived.

Kaltenbach says he’s made that trip home several times before without a problem and can’t understand why he was left for dead.

“Anybody that can sit there and beat another human being with complete disregard of what they feel and what their family feels you’re nothing but an animal,” said Kaltenbach.

Columbus police detectives met with him at the hospital. Police tell us they don’t have much to go on and hope someone will come forward.