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Fitness is not optional or seasonal. It is definitely a lifestyle. We need to take care of our temples like we take care of our family, house, car and other things. Miss Community Cloooovia #CloFit50

Cheers to life! Let’s go fam! Move that body baby!

#‎WeightLoss‬: The point is NOT that you can complete a 21-day FIX or FAST PROGRAM and lose weight . . .

The point is that you START a healthy lifestyle and MAINTAIN IT!!!

Change the way you THINK about food . . . and it will change the way you THINK!!!

Have you ever watched the show ‪#‎Hoarders‬ on tv??? well, think about it . . . your body is now your HOARDING place!!!!!!

Think of Your Body as Your Castle . . . the HOUSE you have DREAMED about . . . KEEP IT CLEAN . . . if you don’t, it WILL DEF get cluttered . . . Fitness Coach Kecia L. Allen http://It’s Your Time Fitness and Nutrition LLC


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