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According to Fox 28, Henry Newell, Jr., is responsible for the 1975 death of 14-year-old Christie Lynn Mullins, the Columbus Division of Police confirmed Friday. The division issued a formal, public apology to Mullins’ family and the man wrongly accused of the crime for a lack of action in bringing Newell to justice. He passed away in 2013.

Mulllins’ family attended the afternoon news conference, where Columbus police made the announcement about new evidence leading to Newell as the primary suspect in Mullins’ death. Speaking for the family, one of Mullins’ five siblings — Melanie Miller — said the family is appreciative of how the Columbus police handled the re-opened investigation.

Miller said the family will seek to get a copy of the case file. She said the family was treated like criminals after Mullins, of Clintonville, was found dead behind a Woolco department store at Graceland Shopping Center on August 23, 1975.

Miller said the family wants to know why Newell was ruled out as a suspect.


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