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Today, a jury decided that the Dallas police officer who killed her neighbor after she walked into his apartment thinking it was her own is guilty of murder. The verdict follows a high-profile seven-day trial that reconstructed the evening of September 6, 2018, when Amber Guyger mistakenly entered Botham Jean’s apartment. The off-duty cop said […]

NBA baller Kawhi Leonard’s sister is facing robbery and murder charges stemming from the death of an 84 yr old woman. According to reports, the woman was found unconscious in a casino restroom. According to Complex, Kimesha Williams, along with another woman named Candace Townsel, have both been charged for the death and robbery of 84-year-old […]

There is huge issue going on in the city of Chicago that is not getting the attention of national news! A 5th young woman has gone missing and the body of another teen has been found. According to, ” On March 16, Anna Stanislawczyk, who was 18, went missing and has not been seen since. On […]

An unidentified person has been killed this morning following a fight in Northeast Columbus. The fight happened in the 5400 block of Cameron Ellis Drive.     Police said the person was pronounced dead at 8:30 a.m. A name or cause of death has not been revealed. An investigation is underway. Sign Up to Recieve Breaking […]

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Is the man in Simpson’s “hypothetical story” about the night in question actually him? I don’t know about you but my mouth was to the floor the whole time watching the Fox special “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession? Sunday night. You see O.J. who had just been acquitted of murder go in circles about what happened […]

Aaron Hernandez‘s lawyer revealed his suspicions about the late star’s alleged suicide and new evidence may prove that he was spot on. Jose Baez is accusing the Worcester Medical Examiner of illegally retaining Aaron’s brain after agreeing to release it to the hospital of the family’s choice for the purpose of CTE medical research. The family […]

Aaron Hernandez‘s death took the world by surprise on Wednesday after news broke that the former NFL star had committed suicide in his prison cell. More details have emerged, including the fact that he had written “John 3:16” on his forehead before killing himself. Although some reports claimed that he wrote the message in his own blood, […]

Aaron Hernandez was pronounced dead on Wednesday morning just days after being found not guilty on double murder chargers. The shocking death was deemed a suicide but the former NFL star’s lawyer Jose Baez isn’t buying it. TMZ reports that Baez has launched an investigation on behalf of Hernandez’s family as they’re not convinced that […]

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  Ex NFL Baller Aaron Hernandez has already gotten life in prison but he got a ‘break’ today with a not guilty verdict on two first-degree murder charges. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! According to CNN Hernandez, “faced eight counts in all, including two of murder and a charge of witness intimidation for allegedly shooting […]

O.J. Simpson maybe coming to a screen near you, again — but this time he’s getting personal. TMZ reports the notorious NFL legend could be released from prison as early as October, and “the buzz in the reality TV industry is that producers are getting ready to scramble to sign him.” Some sources say that no […]

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In 1996, Tupac Shakur was murdered while sitting in a BMW 750IL and now, a little over two decades later, the same car he got shot in is up for sale.

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New evidence has emerged in the case of Corey Jones, the Florida musician who was killed by police officer Nouman Raja.