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According to ABC 6, some residents who live in the Annhurst apartment complex near Blendon Woods Metro Park say they are afraid the mold in their homes is making them sick.

Heather Brown said her two-year-old son Nikos has developed asthma and is frequently ill. “Every time he sleeps in his bedroom, about an hour into sleeping he wakes up coughing until he vomits or something,” said Brown.

Brown said she and her boyfriend bagged up toys, clothing, and other items that have mold on them so it won’t make them feel worse. But they have seen mold on the walls, under the carpet, even in the air vents of their apartment. Brown, a health care worker, said she is documenting her dealings with the management and plans to call the City of Columbus 3-1-1 line to report the mold to the Health Department.

Brown said they have tried to use bleach to clean the black mold, but it doesn’t seem to have an impact on the yucky stuff.

Other tenants in the complex told ABC 6 On Your Side that they have also been experiencing health issues due to the mold and have asked for repairs.

Mary Tennant said many people have moved away from the complex to get away from the mold, only to have the very apartments they vacated filled by another unsuspecting renter. “If they move out, they don’t take care of the issue, such as mold, and then someone else moves in, and it should be taken care of. I don’t think they are concerned about anyone’s health,” said Tennant.

The Elon Property Management company that services Annhurst declined our request for an on camera interview and asked ABC 6 to leave the property.

Brown said she doesn’t want to move away from Annhurst because her neighbors are her support system and like family. Brown said she has paid her rent, but is considering going through legal action through the courts to put it in escrow until repairs are made. Brown said she and other renters will send certified letters to the management to outline their concerns. Brown already has a document that shows Annhurst acknowledged the problems in June, but so far no work has been done.

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