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According to Fox 28, Columbus police have identified the remains of a body found in the woods near Innis Park in North Columbus. Investigators also said a second body has been discovered in the same area, near Stonehenge Drive.

Police identified the remains of the first body found as 17-year-old Wilson Omar Villeda, three weeks after he was reported missing from his home on Webster Canyon Court on November 14. Police added they suspect foul play in Villeda’s death.

Sergeant Christ Holzhauser with the Columbus Police Department couldn’t give much information about the second body found, like gender or age.

“The only thing I can tell you is we are continuing to work with the assistance of OSU to retrieve the remains and we’ll pass that information on once we get it,” Sergeant Holzhauser said.

Police spent Saturday night going in and out of the woods, trying to piece together what happened.

Yusuf Farah, a nearby resident, said the thought of remains found there Thursday is unsettling.

“It’s a tragedy when somebody dies. But, you know, we’ll let them go through the course of their investigation and find out exactly what happened, but obviously it’s sad,” Farah said. “We just weren’t expecting you know for them to find more bodies . So, it’s kind of a little bit concerning,” Farah said.

Police said they’ll continue to look for clues over the next few days and consider expanding the search area.