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Source: Yaves Ellis / Yaves Ellis

This week reminds us the trying times we face as a community and nation. Here in Columbus, neighborhoods are trying to heal since witnessing violence first hand in the city and nationwide. On Friday, a local pastor used food to help heal spirits and unit people in all walks of life.

“Hope and hot dogs will help,” Pastor Johnny Amos said.

Hope and Hot Dogs event happened near 18th and Broad Streets in Olde Towne East Columbus. Children were seen playing football while the adults laughed and sparked the conversation about the recent violent events. Amos believes that something as simple as hot dogs can help unite the community.

“I know it sounds crazy hope and hot dogs, but it’s effort for the church and the community to reach out to each other. Black or white, male or female. We still are humans and we need each other,” Amos said.

Shiloh Christian Center and Hope for Columbus organizes the Hope and Hot Dogs event, which is every Friday night if weather permits it.