These are different times for us all and it can be a daunting task of finding the little things that keep us happy. With our outlets like vacations, concerts, and sports, not happening a new survey has managed to find the top ten “little joys” we’ve been relying on during the pandemic.  Check ’em out […]


Sometimes it just feels like I can never fall asleep in minutes or I wake up every few hours! The art of getting the best sleep to prevent from being tired seems not to work in my favor. If this sounds like you then here are three ways to get the best sleep ever: 1.  […]


This week reminds us the trying times we face as a community and nation. Here in Columbus, neighborhoods are trying to heal since witnessing violence first hand in the city and nationwide. On Friday, a local pastor used food to help heal spirits and unit people in all walks of life. “Hope and hot dogs […]

Fans of good ole soul and r&b music will be hearing a lot more of their favorite genre thanks to BET.

Looking to change the world for the better? Check out these 10 jobs that Jasmine Sanders says are perfect for people looking to make our world a…


There are many images surfacing about rioting, looting and unrest in Baltimore. Well, as of today, people are coming together in peace and trying to clean up their neighborhoods. According to The Huffington Post, after the Monday funeral of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man who died in police custody last week, protesters clashed with police […]


  As the nation awaits the announcement of the grand jury’s decision to find out if Officer Darren Wilson will face charges for killing unarmed…

  The father of Brown has also called for a day of peace as his son was laid to rest following his murder by a…