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Just days after the blow from Terrence Crutcher’s trial, now we see no justice for Tyre King.

On Friday a grand jury found that the 2016 shooting death of 13-year-old Tyre King was “justified” and voted to not pursue any criminal charges against Police officer Bryan Mason.

Mason was responding to an armed robbery call done by a group of teens. The officer approached King who had a BB gun (which he thought was a real firearm) and opened fire.

The Columbus City Council was disappointed by the grand jury’s decision.

“Today’s grand jury decision is a sad and unfortunate reminder that a child has died in our community. While we are grateful for the grand jury’s service and for the community’s patience awaiting these results, the Council is also deeply reflective on how we must aggressively strive to end violence in our community and continue to improve the relationship between the people of Columbus and the criminal justice system.Increased openness and transparency is an important first step. That’s why, whenever possible, police investigations and grand jury proceedings must be available to the public. Anytime a child dies it is a tragic event, and this time is no different. The Columbus City Council members pray for all those who are involved and, as always, will work hard to do our parts to support and create initiatives that build trust with our police and reduces violence in Columbus.”

King’s family echoed the same disappointment and called out racial bias.

“The family of Tyre King raised clear issues of bias and prejudice with the Columbus Division of Police and with the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office. From the family’s perspective, the Prosecutor’s office relied on the Columbus Division of Police investigation exclusively and showed a deliberate failure to investigate Officer Bryan Mason’s actions with the same vigor that they attacked witness credibility.

Hello Beautiful reported that the autopsy said the bullet entry wounds that killed King show he was running away from Officer Mason.

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