Police Brutality

History was made in Columbus after voters decide to vote yes for a civilian review board over the police. This year we saw heighten tension between the police and civilians with multiple acts of police brutality with Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and other victims. On Election Day Columbus decided to vote yes on “Columbus Issue […]

  Randy Moss was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, which is a great accomplishment, but it what he chose to wear that had everyone talking. He sported a tie that had the name of black men. women and children who were either killed by police or died under suspicious circumstances while […]

If the Supreme Court can’t do it who will? The NAACP is jumping over legal hurdles to get police reform into action and not just talk about it. NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) is asking the Supreme Court to overrule a decision in Alabama that gave immunity to an officer who tased a […]

Are we really surprised at this point? History likes to repeat itself. When it comes to white cop killing an unarmed black man, gets off scotch free and then gets his badge and gun again seems to stay on rerun. Officer Blane Salamoni who didn’t receive any charges for killing unarmed black man Alton Sterling is […]

Authorities have asked the rapper to come down to provide more details, rapper declines their invite. On Wednesday we reported that Cardi B shared some shocking details of her run-in with the New York City Police. According to her Twitter page, she tweeted that a police officer put her in a “chokehold.” READ: Cardi B […]

Many demand that the city council get more proactive and punish officers involved in the aggressive arrest of Davis that was caught on video. Monday night’s Columbus City Council meeting was overrun by protesters who demand answers to what the city will do with the officers seen beating Timothy Davis into arrest.   As we […]

The law group alleges police used excessive force towards protestors back in January. Three people have sued the City of Columbus and the police department with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union. The federal lawsuit states that police officers during an anti-Trump protest sprayed pepper spray in protestors eyes from a short distance. ACLU […]

These jurors are feeling the wrath after letting Officer Betty Shelby off the hook for murder. Many of us are still feeling outraged after a juror decided that Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer Betty Shelby was not guilty for the death of Terence Crutcher. Shelby shot and killed Crutcher while he had his hands up, walked away […]

Just days after the blow from Terrence Crutcher’s trial, now we see no justice for Tyre King. On Friday a grand jury found that the 2016 shooting death of 13-year-old Tyre King was “justified” and voted to not pursue any criminal charges against Police officer Bryan Mason. Mason was responding to an armed robbery call done by a […]

So much for police reform. Since the death of Sandra Bland made headlines in 2016, many people in Texas demanded that law enforcement starts reforming their officers and hold them accountable for senseless acts towards black women. The legislation was penned up to do just that, hold officers of the law accountable for their acts and […]

We’ve had enough! Hundreds took to Franklin Park in east Columbus to the Governor’s mansion in Bexley Saturday afternoon to demand racial justice. “It’s hard to sit back and be silenced and watch everybody do nothing,” said Louise Mackey who took part in the rally. The People’s Justice Project organized the rally which was attended by […]

Edwards, 15, was gunned down by a police officer while sitting in a car full of his friends. This week we all heard news that the Balch Springs police officer behind the killing of Jordan Edwards was charged with murder. Still many were in mourning and in sad spirits as hundreds had to say goodbye. […]