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If you haven’t checked it out yet, our favorite simp Rob Kardashian is at it again. Rob has the internets buzzing over his Instagram and Tweets about his Ex-Girlfriend Blac Chyna‘s infidelity, plastic surgery (that he paid for like a gump) and more. So Look, I see homie is hurt and I want to help so here is 5 songs that he needs to listen to in order to help him get over his loss.

Uncle Sam “I Don’t Ever Want To See You Again”

Let’s kicked this off right. Former Boyz II Men protege Uncle Sam let the world know the hurt that his girlfriend gave him by cheating on him. He stuck by her and she left him in a world of hurt so what did he do? Sung his heart out. Yo Rob, play this at ignorant levels bro! It works!

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Carl Thomas “Emotional” 

Carl Thomas had an anthem for hurting men everywhere when the single “Emotional” was released. Men was all in their white linen on the beach with the R&B arms holding the hurt in their heart strong. Thomas got over it though and Rob, you will to homie. You will too.

Usher “Burn”

Rob, I feel your pain… Naw, I don’t. However, I would if I would have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a girl who didn’t love me. I’m broke as hell so that would never happen but If it did… I’d “Let It Burn” like Usher did. It’s a tough pill to swallow but you gotta go through the pain to get to the glory broski!

112 “It’s Over Now”

Sing with me Rob

What is this?

Numbers in your pocket

I remember when you

Used to throw those things away

Why do you wanna keep in touch now?

Who gave you a reason?

To act so shady (Poise, point and Slowly bring it back in)

I got you Rob.

Changing Faces ft. R.kelly – Ghettout (Remix)

Yo Rob… We know you were fed up with Chyna so you had to tell her to Ghetto-U-T… Farewell. You can do bad all by yourself so let another Robert, R. Kelly put you on game bruh. Don’t let Chyna get you heartbroken out here.

At the End of the Day Rob. you did this to yourself. Blac Chyna got you for your money, fame and all of that and you are pissed. However, we don’t want you going out like a simp so if you got through all 5 of these songs, you will be ok. Get up out of fetal position, stand up like a G and move on cause right now this is Chyna…

Man up Playboy!

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