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A #JusticeForEyricka campaign has been gaining traction across social media when news hit that a transgender woman, Eyricka Thompson (King), was facing alarming mistreatment in prison.

Eyricka was being held at Franklin Correctional Facility in New York when a male inmate reportedly propositioned her for sex. When she denied his advances, he spit on her, according to a letter Eyricka wrote from prison. Authorities eventually moved Eyricka to another dorm. However, Eyricka says four inmates at this dorm threatened to assault her. Eyricka told officers of the incident and instead of moving her to another location, Eyricka says sergeants starting attacking her. Eyricka claims they slammed her face against a brick wall, causing bruising to her right breast implant. They allegedly punched her and called her a man.

Eyricka is now placed in solitary confinement where she fears for her life. She reports that she has been denied medical treatment and she’s terrified that if she remains there, she will die and it will be reported as a suicide. The letter Eyricka wrote reached her family, after three attempts at sending a letter only to have it returned to her shredded. Eyricka’s mother, Kelly Harrison, released a video advocating for her daughter, which you can watch below.

Since the video and letter was released, activists and celebrities like Janet Mock have come to Eyricka’s defense.

Below are the numbers you can call to demand Eyricka King (DIN: 16A4486) be moved to a facility where she can be in protective custody and not solitary confinement. You can also sign a petition at

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