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The outrage after Charlottesville carries over this weekend in Boston.

Protest in Chicago Against Violence in Charlottesville

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Thousands are in Boston to protest and debate one of the country’s important amendments, freedom of speech.

A free speech rally was held in downtown Boston Saturday that showcased many on the alt-right saying the First Amendment was being destroyed by counter-protesters on the left.

According to CNN Black Lives Matter, organizers marched against the racism and alt-right views on what comes with free speech.

“Boston is a beautiful city, but Boston needs to get it together,” counter-demonstrator Lewis Goody said. “It has always been a racist city.”

There was a strong police force present at the rally to try to keep the peace. As tensions rise and protesters started to get detained, the rally was called off early.


At least nine people — apparently counter-protesters — were detained, according to a CNN correspondent and producer on the scene.

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