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Many demand that the city council get more proactive and punish officers involved in the aggressive arrest of Davis that was caught on video.

Monday night’s Columbus City Council meeting was overrun by protesters who demand answers to what the city will do with the officers seen beating Timothy Davis into arrest.


As we reported Davis was seen being kicked and punched by police in a store as police were trying to handcuff Davis. Witnesses say the police tased Davis three times and repeatedly beat him. Davis later showed up in court days after his arrest in a wheelchair and visible bruises and cuts on his face.

We all know, that you guys [council] don’t give an (expletive),” one woman said.

On Sunday, Davis along with his mother, Valerie Johnson, filed a lawsuit against the City of Columbus, the Columbus Division of Police, and the officers in the video.

It’s about justice. It’s about the right people being in there. Let’s get them on out of there and get new ones in,” Johnson said.

Police call Davis a violent resister. They say plain clothes officers attempted to cuff Davis because he had several warrants for his arrest.

This marked the second-week protesters took over the conversation of the city council meeting demanding what they will do to the police to hold them accountable. They vow to keep coming back until they get the answers the city and community deserve.

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