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GOP want to put an end to peaceful protest for they are on the wrong side of history.

Women’s March, Million Man March, Black Lives Matter marches and more can be ruled as criminal if the Republican Party have it their way.

NewsOne Now reports that Republican lawmakers in some states seem are leaning towards making criminal charges against those who participate in peaceful protests.

Via NewsOne Now:

Minnesota, Washington, Michigan, Virginia, Iowa and a number of other states are crafting laws to:

  • Stiffen penalties for protesters who block traffic.
  • Allow motorists to run over protesters.
  • Increasing jail time and fines for environmental protesters.
  • Increase the penalties for “unlawful assembly” after having been “lawfully warned to disperse.”

Civil rights attorney Jordan Kushner spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now stating the rise of Black Lives Matter movement is a direct result of this proposed law.

Martin told his panel “similar to what happened in Jim Crow days when folks in the South tried to stop the NAACP and others from protesting.”

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Source: NewsOne Now