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Everyone has their favorite superhero right? Over the last couple years Marvel and DC have brought some of our favorite heroes to the screen with Wonder WomanThe Avengers and now the Justice League with Wonder Woman, Bat Man, Aqua Man and now Cyborg!

Ray Fisher plays the part of Cyborg and couldn’t be more happy about it.”This is the stuff I’ve loved as a kid. I’ve been pitting the DC heroes and defending them since I was old enough to watch Batman. You know this is something I hold very dear to my heart,” expressed Fisher.

He’s playing a superhero so naturally, he’s got to have a favorite one.”Well, I would say growing up it was Batman on the DC side. On the Marvel side, it was definitely Blade. Wesley Snipes as Blade was like it for me,” explained Fisher.


But he was really excited to share just who Cyborg is. “Cyborg aka Victor Stone he’s a college athlete. He’s got a genius level intellect. He’s born to two genius level intellect scientist parents as well…through no fault of his own a tragic accident befalls him which takes the life of his mother and takes away most of his body,” explained Fisher.

What’s truly amazing about his character is what he stood for when he was created back in the 80’s.

“When Cyborg was created in the 1980’s by George Wolfman and Mark Perez for the new Teen Titans, you know they didn’t shy away from the social issues that were involved with that,” expressed Fisher. “You know the metaphor of being a Black man the metaphor of rather being half man half machine…”


“I’m glad I get to express this character, in the same way, me watching Wesley Snipes growing up was expressed to me,” said Fisher.

The Justice League will be in theaters November 17, 2017.

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