You may be laughing but Scott is already ready to run for Congress. reports that Pastor Darrell Scott has been talking to President Donald Trump’s inner circle to get support to run against Ohio GOP Rep. Dave Joyce.

“They’re family. They look at me as family, and I look at them as family,” the 58-year-old Cleveland-area pastor said. “If I talked to (the president’s son) Don Jr….They’re all aware of Dave Joyce’s opposition to the president. Do you understand what I’m saying? They’re all aware of Dave Joyce’s opposition to the president, and as a result, if we get a candidate, if a Trump guy comes and if it happens to be me, I have no doubt I’ll have their support. Everything I hear is positive.”

In case you think his chances are slim, the president won Ohio with 2,841,005 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 2,394,164 votes. Depending which political pundit you ask, Trump’s core base hasn’t budged with their support. Scott’s chances with these two factors make his chances look good.

Scott’s main reason for running for the first time for public office is due to his view that Joyce isn’t supporting Trump’s agenda. Feeling the heat from the Trump base, Joyce has since become more adamant that he will vote yes for the wall, Obamacare repeal, tax bill and more of Trump’s legislation.

In case you forgot who the pastor is, here’s a reminder of when he was caught in a lie over helping Chicago “lower their body count.”

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Source: NewsOne Now