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Reality TV star Peter Gunz just made a shocking revelation. Peter admitted to being molested as a child by an older woman. According to TheJasmineBrand, Peter said, “I was molested by an older woman. She use to do some very inappropriate things to me. Yeah, put her mouth in appropriate places. She made me scared to tell. When I got older, 14, 15 – the girlfriend’s I had. I was pressuring them into have sex. I feel like I took the abuse that I got and put it on other people. I always will regret that. I was abused and I abused other people.”

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Peter is known for his numerous affairs and having a love triangle with his wife, Amina Buddafly, and his Ex Girlfriend, Tara Wallace. That goes to show you how being molested as a child has affected him as an adult. That was brave of him to speak up.


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