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Ginther joins many who are placing blame on the GOP.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther didn’t hold back any punches when discussing who’s to blame for the current government shutdown.

In a statement released over the weekend, Ginther puts the blame on President Donald Trump and the Republican party.

“Let’s be clear: The federal government shutdown falls on the shoulders of President Trump and Congressional Republicans. They need to stay in session and find bipartisan solutions to fix DACA, fund healthcare for children through CHIP and reopen the government. Families in central Ohio are living with too much uncertainty and need real reform.”

Late Sunday night Senate Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell and  Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer still were not able to vote on a bipartisan deal to reopen the government. MSNBC reports that with the failed vote on Sunday Congress is considering to keep the government open for the next three weeks to give them more time to come up with a deal.

Vote for the three-week extension is scheduled for noon on Monday.

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Source: 10TV