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Ever since Mo’Nique spoke out about Netflix and their sorry attempt at offering her a comedy special deal, she’s def encountered a lot of criticism from people who thought she was just over exaggerating.  Now Mo’Nique has released emails from Netflix and she was right…the deal was horrible.

For a year following the special’s premiere, the terms would have stopped Mo’Nique from taping or negotiating any comedy speacial with any third party. They could tape it in March and not release it until December and she still wouldn’t be allowed to do other specials in the interim).

It doesn’t stop there though #Roommates! Netflix also would have retained rights of first negotiation once those 12 months were up and she would only be able to shoot another comedy special with another company if Netflix decided to pass on it!

According to Salon, this wasn’t a contract just for a one show because in reality the company would own her broadcast rights for up to two years or more. READ MORE

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