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The Simpsons At Harley Davidson Café

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All eyes will be glued to the TV this Sunday Night! There is a special on Fox that will air the interview that OJ Simpson recorded back in 2006 where he speaks on how he would have done it, if he committed the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. The show was originally recorded to promote his book titled, “If I Did It.” The special was pulled from TV days before it was supposed to air after a public outcry of the premise of it. In the teaser, Simpson talks about holding a knife and getting rid of bloody clothes. Watch the teasers below:

Fox released a second clip with a little more intriguing information..Watch it below:



The clip concludes with a voiceover, asking, “Does he confess? You be the judge.” “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” airs Sunday, Mar. 11. Will you Watch?

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