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Is the man in Simpson’s “hypothetical story” about the night in question actually him?

I don’t know about you but my mouth was to the floor the whole time watching the Fox special “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession? Sunday night.

You see O.J. who had just been acquitted of murder go in circles about what happened the night his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. In the clip below The Juice keeps talking about a friend named Charlie who in his mind was responsible for the murders.

In this version of the story, Simpson makes it a point he was there but doesn’t remember what happened when he took the knife from Charlie. Simpson tries to back track many times but everybody is saying he may have just confessed for the first time in this interview.

TMZ reports that Simpson told people that he wrote the book If I Did It and never came out to say he did it was in fear of his children never speaking to him again.

I could only imagine how his children feel now seeing this interview.

Source: TMZ