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The city is planning a creative way to enforce stricter gun laws without overriding state law.

Upper Arlington city officials want to implement tighter gun laws to keep their city safe. Current Ohio law states that cities may not pass laws that would override the open-carry law.

“I know that council as a whole wants to see the city safer,” said Jeanine Hummer, city attorney for Upper Arlington. “But, they don’t want us to overstep.”

According to 10TV, Hummer has considered the following options:

  • Using the cities zoning code to restrict selling firearms and gun shows sales within city limits.
  • Giving higher penalty for misdemeanors for crimes involving firearms.
  • Requiring police to use or destroy weapons confiscated during crimes, instead of selling them back into the community.

The city council is scheduled to vote on the options sometime in May.

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Source: 10TV

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