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The wife is spilling all the hot brewing tea on this hot mess.

Teairra Mari is planning on suing her ex-boyfriend Akbar Adul-Ahad for allegedly leaking the freaky sex clip that blew up the internet a while back.

However, expect to see Akbar’s wife to have his back as he plans to fight the lawsuit and refutes he had anything to do with the sex tape.


Akbar’s wife Sade Folasade is a designer from Atlanta and she spoke with The Jasmine Brand to set the record straight about her husband and the Love And Hip Hop Hollywood star.

“She says that Akbar helped produce and write her new singles, “Bae-Cation” and “F*cked Up” that are currently on iTunes. He purchased a wardrobe for her, let her use one of his cars being that she doesn’t have one. He also went as far as helping her pay her rent. And because of his generosity, we are in the situation we are in now!”


Sade says her husband did not leak the sex flick and she is still an alcoholic.

“Akbar did not release that tape. Teairra has a lot of friends who have access to her personal information! Hints why Milan [Milan Christopher] had a picture posted on her page! I’m not saying he released it, but no one knows who did it. She is an alcoholic. The day she smashed out the windows to our cars she was drunk!”

Do we believe Sade? Let us know below!

Source: TheJasmineBrand

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