KiKi what did you do to our boy lol! One of the hottest songs on the radio and Billboards is Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Typical as Drake seems to always be in his feelings when it comes to the ladies. Everybody and they momma wanted to know “Who the hell is KiKi?” Well, we finally […]

The customer is always right? We all know by watching Love And Hip Hop Atlanta that star Rasheeda’s mom, Shirleen is always holding down the fort at Pressed. If you don’t know Pressed is the clothing store Rasheeda owns. If you ever worked in retail you can imagine how from time-to-time rudely customers can dump […]

Paws off buddy! The Queen Bee Lil Kim received a high honor in Manhattan on Thursday.   She received a proclamation in honor of African American Music Appreciation Month. Everything was going beautiful until rapper Maino showed up and started acting a little creepy.     Rumors always spread about these two dating in the […]

They are waiting on that ass… Vice President Mike Pence is making his way to Columbus Friday during PRIDE week. Pence has a very unfriendly track record with the LGBTQ community as he has been open about how he believes shock therapy can “cure the gay.” While he was governor of Indiana he passed a […]

Drake definitely has a type. While the world waits for his album Scorpion to be released, Drake is still out here bagging some Instagram baddies. The latest lucky lady if the model and stripper Zmeena who at first glance can see why Drake would be interested in getting to know her. The two were seen walking […]

Ummmmm, I’m not sure about this one buddy. One of the Cleveland Cavs is stating that if they had former player Kyrie Irving the series would be flipped. According to The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd said a Cavs veteran said: “no doubt we’d be up 3-0 if Kyrie was here.” via GIPHY Now, as much as […]

“But you fat too and ugly on the eyes,” – Tokyo Monday night’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta was very off-putting and disappointing, to say the least. The one new cast member that we expected to bring us some girl power went ahead and fat shame one of her cast members. Spice was […]

Only Rihanna can say she has no time for a billionaire. We all know by now you gotta be on your ish if you want to mess with singer Rihanna. She is not the one for the games or lame antics. According to Harper Bazaar,  the Fenty beauty makeup queen has decided to split with her […]

What happened to Jaheim? For the last few years, singer Jaheim has been looking rough and the internet has no sympathy for him. For a while, Jaheim was out of the public eye but a post to his Instagram account left fans and celebrities like rapper The Game making fun of his different look.   Now […]

Will Brandy come for Pusha T? We all know by now the close relationship between Whitney Houston and Brandy had. With that said, Brandy is never here for any shenanigans involving the late singer. The shenanigans recently involves rapper Pusha T’s album cover for Daytona. The G.O.O.D. Music honcho reportedly used a photo of what […]

The wife is spilling all the hot brewing tea on this hot mess. Teairra Mari is planning on suing her ex-boyfriend Akbar Adul-Ahad for allegedly leaking the freaky sex clip that blew up the internet a while back. However, expect to see Akbar’s wife to have his back as he plans to fight the lawsuit […]

You sure you want to do that bruh? Meek Mill has been using his freedom to make a change in justice reform and we love it. However, Meek is set to do something nobody has been able to do, get the Trump administration on board. According to TMZ, the “Dreams and Nightmare” rapper is set […]