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Sometimes it just feels like I can never fall asleep in minutes or I wake up every few hours! The art of getting the best sleep to prevent from being tired seems not to work in my favor. If this sounds like you then here are three ways to get the best sleep ever:

1.  Get in the bed sooner than normal

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You want to try to lay down in the bed before going to sleep, so stop working and get off the phone! Catch up on a old TV show or read the last few chapters of a book you didn’t get to finish. Just commit to getting an hour or so of relaxation before your actually bedtime!

2. Be more active

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I know sometimes your schedule can get hectic and perhaps working out just seems impossible, but sometimes breaking a sweat can allow you to fall asleep like a baby! Walk up and down your stairs for 30 minutes just to get the body moving and see if that helps with falling asleep.

3.  Create The Environment

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Make sure your place of rest is of peace and doesn’t add to your troubles, simple things like a clean area can help with a stress free mind. Also noise apps that can play water sounds are very helpful to creating a peaceful environment.

If you have any other ways to share please share by commenting below!

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