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Friends having drinks at bar

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The holidays are upon us and it’s time for those company Christmas parties. They can be fun or turn into a total disaster, so here are some tips for you to survive hanging with your co-workers on a personal level.

Couple having drinks at bar

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Now, company Christmas parties can be a little tricky when alcohol is involved. So make sure you govern yourselves accordingly. According to, make sure that you actually show up for it, this isn’t something you should skip. Ask about the dress code ahead of time, and remember it’s a business event. Use the party to meet people you don’t already know.

Don’t talk about politics. Know your drinking limit! Don’t get romantic with another employee and don’t be the last one to leave.

Don’t go to the third venue. It’s okay to go out someplace with your co-workers after the party ends, but don’t go to a third venue after that. Because: “It’s no longer the ‘happy hour’ crowd. It’s now the ‘let’s rage’ crowd.”

Only post positive things about the party and other attendees on social media and ask people before posting photos of them.

Make sure you make it to work the next day. Don’t give off the impression that you can’t handle your alcohol. Follow these tips and you will be just fine! Happy Holidays!!


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