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Episode 3

In the Final night of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ more recent accusations are brought to light alleging that Robert Kelly is holding women captive in a cult-like environment.

Here are the top 15 things revealed on the final night of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

  1. In 2017 R. Kelly is accused by several parents of holding their daughters captive in a cult-like an environment.
  2. Joycelyn Savage was away at college and met R. Kelly in a boutique at the age of 19.  She was an aspiring singer and thought R. Kelly could help make her a star.  Jocely suddenly disappeared.  Her family hasn’t seen her for several years and started to make noise with the press saying she was being held against her will.  Joycelyn appeared on TMZ for an interview stating that she wasn’t being held but a staff member stated that she was instructed on what to say.  In the video, you can see someone’s shadow looking like they were promoting her responses.
  3. In 2011 R. Kelly met Kitti Jones a radio personality.  She falls in love with R. Kelly and quits her job and moves to Chicago to be with him.  She became curious about the sex tapes that she heard about and got upset because she recognized the young girl in the video as someone R. Kelly had recently introduced her to.  Kitti claims that R. Kelly got physically abusive after she confronted him.  The relationship carried on for years eventually leaving him
  4. A former employee, that remains unnamed, talked about how R. Kelly would punish his women physically and verbally.  This employee would say that the women would be locked up for days, not allowed to eat and more.  R. Kelly even punished girls by altering their appearance even dressing some women like boys.
  5. 11th grader and aspiring singer Azriel Clary got pulled up on stage at an R. Kelly show.  She sang for him and he gave her his number.  She began communicating with R. Kelly secretly.  Azriel snuck away to “audition” for R. Kelly in his hotel room, her parents found out and intervened to bring her home.  Azriel began visiting R. Kelly but was escorted by a family member.  Azriel’s sister left her in the studio with R. Kelly to go get lunch when she returned R. Kelly instructed his staff to escort her away.  The next day Azriel’s parents came to Chicago to confront R. Kelly.  R. Kelly convinced her parents that she was fine and that he was going to help her career and to that, he would have a guardian for their daughter to protect her.  In 2016 Azriel turned 18 and her parents lost contact with her and haven’t been seen for years.
  6. In 2018 Dominique Gardner appears in a TMZ video in LA with Jocelyn prompting Dominique’s mother (Michelle) to look for her in hotels she suspected she was staying in.  She locates Dominique on Mother’s Day and begged her to come home with her.  Dominique talks to her Michelle and hugs her but doesn’t go home with her.  Dominique’s mother left the hotel but was stopped by the manager and said that her daughter was on the phone and wanted to speak with her.  Dominique cried on the phone with her mother and asked her to come back at 6pm.  When Michelle returns to the hotel, the manager tells her that Dominique called 911 and said that Michelle wasn’t her mother.  She was instructed to leave or be arrested for trespassing.  Michelle goes outside the hotel and Dominique calls her cell phone and instructs her mother to meet her in the hotel bathroom.  Dominique and her mother escape together.
  7. Several parents came together and went to the police in Atlanta and Chicago asking for a wellness check.  R. Kelly was tipped off that the check was going to happen.  When asked, all of the girls said that they were fine.  None of their family members saw their daughters.
  8. Asante McGee started dating R. Kelly in 2014 at the age of 35 years old.  She claims their relationship started off normal but he was upfront that he was with other women.  Asante claims that R. Kelly told her that she was moving in with him and took her to his house.  She claims that she was locked in a room and had to ask permission for food and life essentials.
  9. It is said R. Kelly had a “black room” in his former Atlanta home where degrading sexual acts took place.
  10. In 2017 the movement #MuteRKelly started to get him off the radio and shows canceled.
  11. Faith Rodgers met R. Kelly at the age of 19 in March of 2017.  She began a relationship with R. Kelly and he tells her that the accusations against him are false.
  12. R. Kelly introduces Faith to “the family” his other women including Joycelyn Savage.  Soon after Faith cuts off contact with R. Kelly.  Faith contacted Joycelyn’s parents and shared her encounter with them.
  13. March 2017 Faith Rodgers finds out that R. Kelly has infected her with herpes and sues him.
  14. Spring of 2018 streaming service Spotify downgrades his music from their system.  Radio host Tom Joyner also stopped playing R. Kelly’s music.
  15. March 2018 The Clary’s are told by Dominique Gardner that their daughter Azriel is being held in R. Kelly’s Chicago studio and wants to come home.  The police are called but tell the Clary’s that they cannot bust up in the studio but can only enter if the door is opened.  It has been 3 years since the Clary’s have seen Azriel.



  1.  2018 R. Kelly released a 19-minute song called ‘I Admit It’ talking about his encounters with women etc.  Listen to it here



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