surviving r. kelly

Janet took us through her life and shared footage we had never seen of her life through the years.  She also revealed many things that fans didn't know about her life.  Check out twenty-eight different facts we learned about Janet in the Lifetime/A&E documentary "Janet Jackson"

Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning aired last night (January 2nd) on Lifetime and it night one of the three night series was just as explosive as the initial series that aired last year. There was a lot said and R. Kelly’s very vocal lawyer took to twitter to share his thoughts as well. […]

Episode 1 When the Lifetime Movie Network premiered ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ social media went crazy.  The three-part series was shocking and sickening to many despite all the past rumors, allegations, and legal troubles. The two-hour premiere revealed many things about Robert Kelly, here are the top 15 things revealed in the first night of ‘Surviving […]

So, night one of the Lifetime docu-series aired last night and everyone is talking. What was revealed was a shock to some and old news to others. There were a lot of celebrities that were asked to be a part of the series but they declined and didn’t want anything to do with it. Who […]