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For a USC graduate, Heismen Trophy winner, ex-Kardashian lover, and athlete who gave New Orleans their first Superbowl win ever, Reggie Bush is arguably the epitome of an all American. And before the New Orleans Saint’s training camp, I felt the same way. However, the day I met Reggie was the day I realized meeting your celebrity crush will only leave you like Kim….crushed.

August heat in the south can be deadly. It was 2007, and the Saints were training at Millsaps College in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina left them without a place to practice. Temperatures can reach the 100s with humidity high. But for me, sitting outside for two hours just to watch the New Orleans Saints’ practice was worth it to meet my celebrity boo.

Once practice was done, fans were able to mingle with the team and have them sign paraphernalia. Many of the players were extremely nice, flirtatious, and quite scrumptious (if I might add) when I asked them to sign my football. But those players were merely helping me pass time. I was there to see Reggie.

As I got closer to Reggie, I looked past the fact that he didn’t stand 6’0 like his stats indicated, but 5’10 (with cleats). Or, that his pads seemed to make him look the same size as he looked shirtless on magazine covers. I didn’t want much from him; a signature, a smile and maybe a compliment was enough to make those two hours worth it. But once I got close enough for a signature, something went terribly wrong.

My cousin and his friends were in the background shouting, “Get Reggie to take your paternity test” and “hurry up and get his number so we can go!” Much of the crowd was laughing and I got a little uncomfortable, so in an effort to hide my embarrassment I responded with “ain’t nobody thinking about Reggie!” Well, I assumed because I said it while laughing, and because my cousin and his friends were cracking jokes, it was understood I was a humiliated fan with a huge crush. But for Reggie, his ego was surprisingly hurt. When I finally got close enough to him, not only did he bend down to sign my ball and then abruptly stop and walk away, but punished everyone standing near me by only signing autographs on the side opposite of where I was standing. Everyone moved to the other side, and after I picked up my jaw I followed suit. Reggie was the last person to sign my football, and I was the last person’s football he signed. But once it was signed, I said thank you and he walked away without saying a word. All I wanted to do was throw the ball at the back of his head and run.

I realized, naïve as it may sound, celebrities are people. Reggie was a young athlete at the time with a huge wallet and an ego to match. So, it’s expected for him to react the way he did. But like with any crush, getting to know more about the person you like can change your opinion about them. Bottom line, if you want to keep your celebrity relationship alive, don’t you dare meet them!

Have you ever met a celebrity and been disappointed? Let us know! Keep it clean folks…

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