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A Historic Black Church that has been operating for more that 200 years decided to raise money to donate to students at an affluent Historical Black College and University. Leaders at Alfred Street Baptist Church of Alexandria, Virginia raised more than $100,000 for Howard University seniors to aid in paying off their student loan balances. The goal being to ensure these students are graduating in May of this year!
Students from Howard were shocked to learn they were receiving such a huge blessing.
Many students across the country find themselves struggling to pay for higher education during and after graduation. These lucky students at Howard are certainly grateful to Alfred Street Baptist to have turned their fate around.

Senior, Mya Thompson was looking forward to graduation until news of a $2,000 debt loomed over her. Thompson, a student and single mother, was unsure of how she’d be able to secure the funds in such a short time period. That is, until the financial aid office reached out to her. Upon arriving to the office, Mya was surprised by the pastors of Alfred Street Baptist Church. They let her know that they’d be covering the amount she owed in full and she would definitely be able to graduate in the Spring.
The team at Alfred Street ultimately were able to assist a total of 34 students who were in debt at the HBCU.
Alfred Street Baptist Church also reached out to the historically black women’s institution, Bennett College. They donated $50,000 to help the finance department.
Bennett has come under scrutiny due to financial instability. Bennett has been on probation for the last two years because of the financial woes. Now they must argue a case to maintain their accreditation. Facing removal from access to federal funding and the ultimate closing of the school, Bennett College has since launched a fundraising campaign. They aimed at raising $5 million. A #StandWithBennett campaign went viral on social media and they have raised a total of $8.7 million since they initiated the campaign February 4th.
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Source: TSR, NPR, ASBC