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Death row inmates will see a delay in their sentence based on the governor’s order.

Republican Governor Mike DeWine has decided to postpone death sentences in the state until a court can approve drugs to carry on sentences in a humane way.

This has been a hot topic in the state before Gov. DeWine took office. Last week the governor said no more executions while the state searches for drugs and the court challenging the state to adopt a new method.

Ohio started the three-drug lethal injection executions back in 2014. Since then problems with finding the drugs to carry out sentences. To add, courts have been challenging that using the drug midazolam is inhumane due to it causing an experience similar to waterboarding.

One inmate has already seen his scheduled execution pushed back due to the governor’s ruling. Keith Henness was not executed this month and since has had his sentencing pushed back until Sept.

Many in the state suggest we will see more of this in the upcoming months and perhaps years until the state gets an approved method.

Source: 10TV

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