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Eartha Kitt,Porträt

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We all know that Earth Kitt is not one to play with but Jackee’ Harry learned that the hard way! During an interview, Jackee’ explained that Eartha Kitt once slapped the entire sh&t outta her for sleeping with her man.


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A fan started the interaction with a Twitter post saying, “what’s the most surreal encounter you’ve had with someone famous? been thinking about this all day… mine was looking up while riding a bucking bronco in Liverpool last year and seeing Hugh Grant looking at me, who then stuck his tongue out and then just shrugged.”

Harry replied, saying, “Eartha Kitt slapped the f%#! outta me! She thought I was sleeping with her boyfriend.. which I was, but I didn’t know he was taken.

This is too funny but it’s not surprising considering Eartha Kitt’s fiery personality.