AirVenture2016, Boeing Centennial Plaza, F-4 Phantom II Jet Fighter

Source: Education Images / Getty 

So, all of that talk about raiding “Area 51” is all fun and games on social media! The Air Force doesn’t think it’s funny.

Soldier on a vantage point

Source: Colin Anderson / Getty

More than one million people have signed up online to raid Area 51 at the Nellis Air Force Base, and another million indicated they’re interested in going to the supposed event at 3 a.m. September 20th.

According to, the Air Force is concerned that whole thing might be going beyond a joke, and a spokeswoman has warned that, quote, “any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous,” and that they’d be ready. There is a conspiracy theory belief by some that extraterrestrial aliens have been studied or held captive in Area 51.


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