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Turkey Frying

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Traveling for the holidays? Did you know that you can take a good majority of your thanksgiving dinner on the flight with you? No Kidding! The T.S.A. said so.

Airport security officer inspecting luggage

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According to the, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says it’s fine to put a cooked turkey in your carry-on bag. The TSA posted about the turkey on their website, also noting it’s fine to take stuffing, pies, seasonings, and even marshmallows in your carry-on luggage.

Turkey And Cranberry Sandwich

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However, things like canned pumpkin, canned cranberry sauce, bottles of wine, and jarred gravy will only be allowed in your checked luggage. The agency also recommends packing desserts and cranberry sauce in dry ice to keep them cool. Click here to check out the T.S.A. website.