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Birth control pills in plastic tablet dispenser case

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It seems like every day there is a news story telling us about a product that is bad for our health, this happens to be another one of those. A new study has found that birth control pills actually change our brains. It directly affects the hypothalamus.

Birth Control

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According to, the scientist over at Albert Einstein College of Medicine say preliminary research shows the brain area called the hypothalamus is about six percent smaller in women who use birth control pills, but it isn’t clear what exactly this means yet. In this particular study, women on the pill had a statistically significant increase in anger, and researchers found a possible link with depression symptoms.

According to, the hypothalamus’ main role is to keep the body in homeostasis as much as possible. Homeostasis means a healthful, balanced bodily state.

The hypothalamus acts as the connector between the endocrine and nervous systems to achieve this. It plays a part in many essential functions of the body such as:

  • body temperature
  • thirst
  • appetite and weight control
  • emotions
  • sleep cycles
  • sex drive
  • childbirth
  • blood pressure and heart rate
  • production of digestive juices
  • balancing bodily fluids

Dr. Michael Lipton says there isn’t enough data here that should cause women to search for different forms of birth control and the good news is they didn’t find any difference in women’s mental performance if they took the pill. For more information click here.

Will you still take the pill?