In true insensitive 50 Cent fashion, he has made a joke on social media about Dwayne Wade’s trans-gendered daughter, Zaya, and was met with a lot of mixed responses. 50 posted the meme below to his IG. Check it out below: The rapper posted a meme of R. Kelly seated next to D Wade at a fashion […]

50 Cent has managed to get on the nerves of another professional fighter and this time he is being challenged to a fight. Former UFC Champion, Connor McGregor, has challenged 50 Cent to a fight after 50 kept making memes about him on social media. Check out the video below: ***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*** According to, […]

Singer/Reality Star Teairra Marie and rapper 50 Cent have been going at it on social media for a while now. A judge ordered Teairra to pay 50 $30k in the lawsuit that she lost against him and she repeatedly claims that she does not have that type of money. She even put it in a […]

Rapper 50 Cent is known for his very petty ways and he keeps topping himself. 50 recently shared a video of him attempting to serve Love and Hip Hop star Teairra Marie with papers at the airport. Check out the footage below:   50 posted the video to his IG with the caption that read, […]

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With the fall 2016-2017 TV season coming to a close, that means it’s time to indulge in some of your favorite summer TV viewing and few shows dominate the summer landscape more than the Starz hit Power. Season four is just around the corner and now the full trailer is here to keep you anticipating […]


It looks like Tasha will have to deal with Tariq missing all on her own.

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50 Cent can go toe-to-toe with most people in life but he met his match with Patti Labelle in her kitchen. The 41-year-old rapper premieres on Ms. Patty’s Patti LaBelle’s Place cooking show and does so making a mess. “When I saw 50 Cent dropping my corn on the floor, I said, ‘What?!'” LaBelle confesses to ET. […]

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  Last Thanksgiving, Patti LaBelle took over the country with her sweet potato pies, and now she’s about to take over TV with them with her own cooking show. According to, Patti LaBelle’s Place consists of six-episodes and will debut on the Cooking Channel at 11 a.m. Dec. 3.  And trust: It’s going to be LIT. In each […]

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Did 50 Cent and Gilbert Arenas just share a moment over child support?

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  One of the toughest parts of fame has to be having the details of your personal life devoured by the public. Some may enjoy the attention, but the celebrities who’ve managed to thrive in the spotlight for longer than 15 minutes are usually very discreet about how they share their business, if at all. Jay Z and Beyoncé seem […]