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We have been hearing the stories about how the pandemic can wreak havoc on marriages. Some feel spending day in and out with your significant other is causing an uptick in divorce rates, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are seven tips to spice up your relationship and keep it strong throughout this rough patch of a pandemic.

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According to Time, here are seven expert tips on how to shield your relationship from the extra stress we’re all under . . .

1.  Appreciate, don’t criticize.  Our flaws might seem magnified and more annoying right now.  So try your best to let things slide and focus on the good stuff.


2.  Remember it’s okay to be stressed out and upset right now.  We’re all dealing with it differently.  So try to be a good listener, and remember their feelings are valid too.


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3.  Give them some privacy.  Alone time is important, especially now.  So respect each other’s space . . . don’t hog the TV . . . and do your own thing sometimes.


4.  Don’t forget about sex.  It relieves stress and keeps you connected.  A survey last week found only 13% of Americans are having more sex during the outbreak.


5.  Stay flexible.  Plan out your week, but don’t fill your whole day with things that HAVE to get done.  Make sure you both have as much free time as possible.


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6.  Be willing to hit “pause” on a fight.  Things can spiral out of control fast when you’re cooped up together.  So take a break and cool off for 30 minutes.


7.  Laugh together.  Make time for movies and shows you both like.  Laughter’s a great stress reliever, especially when you can laugh at something together.

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