The pandemic caused a lot of people to relocate to find a better way of living. There’s a new survey that gives the top cities that people moved to and the ones they moved away from in 2020. Check it out below:     There were a lot of people leaving big, expensive cities, or […]

Will your holiday traditions change because of the coronavirus? With the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, now just two and three months away, Americans are facing the decision of how they will celebrate amid the coronavirus pandemic this year.   A recent Morning Consult poll found that 71 percent said their holiday traditions will change, […]

    In the long run, could the pandemic actually end up IMPROVING our lives in some ways?  There are several things that have changed because of the pandemic and honestly, most of us wouldn’t mind keep it that way, permanently. Here are five good changes we’ve had to make that we want to keep, […]

Are you getting enough rest? Have you noticed that your sleep patterns have changed since the beginning of the pandemic? If so, you’re not alone. A new survey said that millions of Americans feel the stress from the pandemic is negatively effecting their sleep. According to YahooNews, here are the ‘Top 10 Ways People are […]

These are different times for us all and it can be a daunting task of finding the little things that keep us happy. With our outlets like vacations, concerts, and sports, not happening a new survey has managed to find the top ten “little joys” we’ve been relying on during the pandemic.  Check ’em out […]

The pandemic has taken a major toll on everyone and that includes many establishments. Yelp is reporting that a large percentage of restaurants that shut down temporarily at the beginning of the pandemic are not able to reopen and they are closed permanently. According to Mashable, Yelp’s Economic Average report shows that of the 26,160 […]

Even though we are still going through a worldwide pandemic, there are some good things that have come from it. It’s not all bad. Here a few good news stories to make you smile.   Here’s are a few good news stories from the outbreak . . . 1.  People are quitting smoking in record […]

Have you been feeling extra tired lately? You are not alone, the pandemic seems to be taking a toll on most peoples sleep patterns and have them feeling more tired than ever before. Check out what a new survey had to say about it below…     According to, a new survey finds that […]

Disney World is about to reopen very soon and employee’s are not happy about it. Disney said Tuesday (July 7th) that it still plans to reopen Disney World from its coronavirus shutdown this coming Saturday to a limited number of guests, despite the surge in cases of the virus in Florida.   According to Reuters, […]

Dating during a pandemic isn’t the easiest thing to do, but for those who are managing it, or are looking forward to it, here are some of the most: underrated place for a date during the pandemic?” According to Reddit: Aquariums are awesome and you can still practice social distancing. A good local breakfast spot. […]

So, we’re in hard times right now and a  lot of companies are strapped for cash. Employee’s are working harder than ever before, in some cases, doing the work of multiple people.  But can you still ask for a RAISE if you really deserve one?  A career development expert says yes, if you do it […]

As people have been staying home under lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, car thefts have spiked as their vehicles have been sitting largely unused and unattended on streets. Make sure you are not leaving any valuables in your vehicle that would tempt a thief. According to, vehicle thefts went up 63 percent in New […]