Oh, this is a good thing that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic. Apparently, the seriousness of this global disaster is making men want to finally start taking dating more seriously, according to a new survey. Apparently, there’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to make some people say, “Hey, maybe it WOULD be […]

Maybe the key to a solid relationship has always been spending time apart! Ella Mae just had us singing about being boo’d up, now look what’s happening. According to a new survey, one in eight people who are currently locked down with their partner say it’s causing them to have some DOUBTS about the relationship. […]


We have been hearing the stories about how the pandemic can wreak havoc on marriages. Some feel spending day in and out with your significant other is causing an uptick in divorce rates, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are seven tips to spice up your relationship and keep it strong throughout […]


Prince only married twice but he loved many beautiful women.  Check out nineteen women who ruled prince’s world… some inspiring music. RELATED STORIES Prince’s Close Friend Billy Sparks Reflects on Purple Rain and Their Friendship QUIZ: How Big of A Prince Fan Are You? Prince’s Ex Releasing A Book About Him Blue Ivy Pays Homage […]

Let’s face it, when someone that close to you violates your trust, it can be devastating. Especially in this day and time when STD’s can kill you. We’ve seen many couples try to work it out after experiencing infidelity but can a relationship really survive cheating?? According to the Health Testing Centers, who conducted a […]

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Ways for Singles to Celebrate Valentine’s Day By TresSugar Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday for couples – it’s a holiday of love, which…


  In this episode of “case of the ex” we all have lived long enough to have one or two of them. Are you still friends with one of your exes? What do you deem as inappropriate and appropriate when dealing with an ex with a new boyfriend/girlfriend? Cece along with her guests Jae Esquire, […]


Will you be ready when your man comes?  Missy B talks with tow Columbus wives about how single ladies can get prepared for their future mate.  The ladies share key characteristics single women should possess, how to be open to an unexpected love connection and the possibility of your man being in the friend zone. […]

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Hi Sam! My name is — and I am 38 year old single female. I am curious to see how your listeners really feel about this subject. I have been dating this great guy for about 8 months now-the only problem is that he is married. I have known the whole time. My best friend […]


Question: Do you think its ok for a pastor to give out sex tips to a congregation? FEMALE PASTOR HANDS OUT SEX TIPS TO MALE CONGREGATION: Church can be a place to learn deep lessons– including how to please your partner, apparently. A Nigerian pastor has slammed her male congregation for not “taking care” of […]

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A young lady is having an affair with a married man for 3 years and he does not have any plans on ever leaving his wife. The wife to everyones knowledge is not aware. However this young believes she has certain rights to this man even to the extent of confronting him in public when […]

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James Harden is not here for the tabloids. The Houston Rocket’s shooting guard got real in a candid interview with Sports Illustrated. One of the subjects up for discussion was his previous relationship with reality star Khloe Kardashian. The two dated for eight months in 2015, a year Harden now calls the “worst year” of his life. […]