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A new poll has found that two thirds of Americans are not getting enough sleep. This should come as no surprise to us considering that we are always yawning in the middle of our work day or have to get up from our desks and walk around just to wake our selves up.

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According to the NYPost, a new poll found just under two-thirds of us rarely wake up feeling refreshed.  And 42% of Americans start feeling tired as early as noon.  Especially after we eat lunch and the dreaded ‘itis’ kicks in.

Here are the top ten negative impacts of not getting enough sleep, according to the poll . . .

1.  It puts us in a bad mood in general.


2.  It’s harder to focus.


3.  We feel less motivated.

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4.  We feel less productive.


5.  We feel more likely to get sick.


6.  We feel less patient.

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7.  There’s more stress on our relationship.


8.  Poor decision making.


9.  We’re more likely to snack or eat something unhealthy.


10.  Stomach or digestive issues.


The poll did find that having a solid nighttime routine is crucial.  83 percent of those surveyed said a nightly routine helps them to properly wind down the day – and over half watch TV as they start getting ready to head to bed.

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