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“Real Housewives of Atlanta,” star Porsha Williams has been out on the frontlines protesting against police brutality in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Porsha individually is not really known for her activism, though she is the granddaughter of prominent Civil Rights Leader, Hosea Williams, who closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

During a conversation with “What What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen, Williams shared her first experience with racism marching alongside her grandfather as a little girl.

See what she had to say in the transcript and video below.

“For me, being the granddaughter of a Civil Right’s Leader, you would be shocked as early as I was aware [of racism]. I was about six-years-old when I went to my first march and it was here in Georgia, Forsyth County.

You know, I was excited to go. Of course. As a little kid, you finally get to go to work with your granddad. You hear he’s doing all this stuff. And we get out there, I’m excited, again, innocent. Singing the songs, “We Shall Overcome.”

And I was smacked in the face with racism. We came across Klu Klux Klan who decided they were going to protest our protest and they threw rocks at us. I actually got hit with one. And they chased us all the way back to the buses and called us the N word and any other thing you can imagine the KKK would be calling us.


Now that I look back and can research and see what I was a part of, I feel empowered. I was out there at such a young age, with my grandfather because Forsyth County is really racist. They had driven out all of the African Americans who lived there over the years. So we were going there to basically say, ‘We need to bring Black people back in here.’ That was the first time I really got slapped with it as a little girl.

And listen, as a Black woman, I deal with it throughout the years in my own way.”

Speaking about her grandfather’s legacy and what he would make of this current moment, Williams said:

“I think he would be saddened that the work that he had done and the work that [Martin Luther] King [Jr.] and John Lewis, the work that they had done, we’re basically close to be in that [same position],” she said. “It’s not a race. This is a marathon. This is going to take some dedication… So I do think that he would be happy that we’re coming together visually to see that but I do believe he would want us to take that mission just as serious as they did and the way they dedicated their life to it, I would think he would want us to do the same thing no matter what race you are.”

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