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Have you been feeling extra tired lately? You are not alone, the pandemic seems to be taking a toll on most peoples sleep patterns and have them feeling more tired than ever before. Check out what a new survey had to say about it below…


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According to, a new survey finds that 60 percent of Americans are saying their sleep routine during the pandemic has them more tired than they’ve ever been. In the poll of 2,000 adults for Leesa Sleep, 70 percent said their sleeping habits have become inconsistent, and 63 percent think their sleep schedules might  not ever be the same.

Part of it is being blamed on working from home, with 44 percent saying they stay up later since they don’t have to commute, with nearly half saying they get out of bed only 10 minutes before their workday at home begins. Additionally, people are also staying up late to binge-watch TV shows, with researchers reporting 67 percent of Americans are staying up until the early hours of the morning to do so.

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