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1. Congressman Clyburn to Republicans on Extension of Extra Unemployment: “Quit Jerking People Around

What You Need To Know:

Discussions continued over the weekend between Democrats and Republicans over the latest coronavirus relief bill.

2. Oklahoma Politician Threatens Action Against OKC Thunder For Kneeling

What You Need To Know:

Despite a threat made by an Oklahoma politician, the entire Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team took a knee Saturday during the playing of the national anthem.

3. Coronavirus Update: Data Shows Blacks Willing to Risk Covid-19 Infection to Vote in Person

What You Need To Know:

Despite fears of contracting the coronavirus, Black voters plan to vote in person on Election Day.

4. Black Girl Detained For Failing to Do Online Homework Released After 78 Days

What You Need To Know:

After widespread outcry and protests, a 15-year-old African American girl who was denied release from a Detroit juvenile facility for not completing online schoolwork has been granted release by the Michigan Court of Appeals. 

5. Out With The Old, In With The New Up-Skilled U.S. Job Market

What You Need To Know:

Companies have either half way or fully committed to going remote in an attempt to keep business alive in the belly of Covid-19.

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