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If your trying to keep the Chi Chi’s nice and perky, I have 5 tips from a plastic surgeon on how to keep your boobs from sagging. This isn’t just for the ladies.  Guys over 40, we’re talking to you too . .

STL Breast Cancer Survivor Makeovers

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According to the DailyMail, here are five things he says to avoid . . .

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1.  Don’t get too much sun.  Too much of it can damage the skin on your chest, cause wrinkles, and limit how elastic your skin is.  So it can’t hold everything up as well.



2.  Losing too much weight too fast.  Everything tends to get a little looser if your skin doesn’t have time to adjust.



3.  Going braless all the time.  Bras keep things from moving around too much, which can cause your skin to stretch over time.


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4.  Sleeping on your side.  Over the years, it can cause the ligaments in your chest to stretch.  And sleeping on your stomach isn’t great either.  So on your back is best.  Or if you’re a side-sleeper, you can use a pillow to help support them.

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5.  Smoking.  It’s bad for our skin in general because it destroys collagen, along with a key protein that keeps your skin nice and bouncy.  And that includes the skin on your chest.

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