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Traditional and well known red cocktail - Bloody Mary.

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From the state bird to the state candy, and the official signature drink each state has their own thing they claim as its own.  But some of the state drinks are a little bit odd, for example, milk is the state drink for 19 American States.  Then there are certain signature state drinks that make complete sense like sweet tea with vodka from South Carolina or Jack Daniel’s from Tennessee.

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But did you know that Ohio’s official signature drink was the Bloody Mary?  We sure didn’t but since Ohio’s official juice is tomato juice it makes a lot of sense.  While most bartenders like to add their own spin or flair to this popular cocktail, the base ingredients to make your own should include tomato juice, vodka, and a blend of spices.

Neighboring state drinks include water for Indiana, the Mint Julep for Kentucky, craft beer for Pennsylvania, and The Hummer for Michigan.

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